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Our Programs: Our Programs
Children's Classes

(5 - 10 y.o.)

“Children are the most precious treasure a community can possess, for in them are the promise and guarantee of the future. They bear the seeds of the character of future society which is largely shaped by what the adults constituting the community do or fail to do with respect to children. They are a trust no community can neglect with impunity. An all-embracing love of children, the manner of treating them, the quality of the attention shown them, the spirit of adult behavior toward them—these are all among the vital aspects of the requisite attitude. Love demands discipline, the courage to accustom children to hardship, not to indulge their whims or leave them entirely to their own devices. An atmosphere needs to be maintained in which children feel that they belong to the community and share in its purpose.”

- The Universal House of Justice 

Children's Clases
Our Programs
Junior Youth

(11 - 14 y.o.)

The Junior Youth Spiritual Empowerment Program gathers groups of junior youth, aged 11-15, at the neighbourhood level and enables them to develop their powers of expression – with a focus on critical reasoning, literacy, comprehension and eloquent speech – in order to participate more effectively in the planning, decision-making and development of their communities.

The program engages participants in a wide range of activities that include study, healthy recreation, arts, and service to the community. Group discussions are enhanced by a sequence of books designed to develop language skills and enhance their powers of expression.


Acts of service to the community play a special role in helping junior youth to apply what they learn into meaningful action that positively impacts the lives of others. Groups analyze what needs and opportunities exist in their communities, and together they design, carry out, and evaluate service projects that promote community wellbeing. 

Junior Youth

(15 +)

Our programs help youth take charge of their own intellectual and spiritual growth to contribute to the transformation of society - transforming a world of violence, poverty, and suffering into a world of peace, prosperity, and harmony.

By participating in a very special kind of institution of learning, youth take courses that strengthen their capabilities to serve the community.  Youth will learn to walk a path of service together, learn to work with groups of individuals, particularly children and junior youth, helping them to acquire knowledge, skills and spiritual qualities.  Youth also learn to pay attention to the unity of their communities. Individuals, families and organizations that wish to contribute to the progress of a community must collaborate, and build a shared vision and purpose and leave behind ways of conflict.

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